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May 13-14, 2024

Long Beach, California, USA


To dispense relevant and high-key essential information is the pursuit of our business. With end users’ demand growing exponentially across the globe, our conferences render practical solutions amidst the challenges. The topics we offer are backed up with thorough analysis.

As a potential attendee to an Event (referred to as “you/your”), please read these terms and conditions carefully as they contain important information. By submitting your registration and/or by attending an Event, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Admission Policy

Registration fees include participation in exhibition, seminars and conference sessions pre-arranged by the organiser. Participation in all networking lunches (excluding outside food and beverages) Only registered attendees & exhibitors who are badge holders will be permitted to attend the event.

Anyone attending conferences or exhibitions must have photo identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license) acceptable to Event Management and may be requested by Event Management.

Photographs and video recordings are prohibited without the prior consent of the organisers or exhibition management.

Attendee will pay Organiser the fees specified on the booking form for the Event (attendee’s fees). Payment of delegate’s fees must be received in full not later than 72 hours before the Event. If payment of attendee’s fees in full is not received before the Event, Organiser may (at its sole discretion) either require such payment as a condition of delegate’s entry to the Event or refuse attendee’s entry to the Event. No refunds of any proportion of delegate’s fees already paid (if any) will be made and any balance of attendee’s fees will remain due and payable where entry to an Event is refused under this condition.

Organisers reserve the right to charge an admission fee or refuse registration, to anyone.

Prices for each Event are correct at the time of publication. Organiser reserves the right to change the prices at any time but changes will not affect registrations which have already been Confirmed by Organiser.

Attendance at one-on-one meetings in advance is at the organiser’s discretion. In addition, there is no guarantee that all proposed meeting options will be arranged.

The Organiser does not guarantee the accuracy of the information or the actual attendance of the specified participants and will not be responsible to the attendees for changes in the number or identity of other participants or attendees who do not meet their scheduled appointments,regardless of other conditions.

Exhibitions are open to business only and not to the public. Persons who cannot prove their direct professional affiliation to events and related sectors will be excluded from participation in the event.

Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed in the conference room and exhibition hall.

Cancellation Policy

Meta-Tech Events, LLC reserves the right to cancel or change the date(s) of the Event at any time or change the medium of the conference to virtual or hybrid and for any reason (whether or not due to causes beyond our reasonable control). In the event that the date(s) of the Event are changed to new date(s) that are within twelve (12) months of the originally scheduled opening date of the Event, or where the Event is cancelled but is reasonably expected by Meta-Tech Events, LLC to be held at any time in the next calendar year, then, unless we notify you otherwise, your registration will be deemed to be valid for the Event on the new date(s) or when it is next staged (as applicable) in the same way that it would have applied to the originally scheduled Event (and no refund of any paid registration fees will be issued). Where all or part of the Event is cancelled and is not reasonably expected by Meta-Tech Events, LLC to be held in the next calendar year, then your registration will no longer be deemed to be valid for the Event and, at your election, any paid registration fees for the Event (or the cancelled portion of the Event, as applicable) will be refunded. Service charges are non-refundable.

Meta-Tech Events, LLC reserves the right to change the venue of the event and/or cancel the event upon notice to Delegate or the party booking on their behalf.

Personal arrangements, including, without limitation, travel and accommodation, are at your own risk and Meta-Tech Events, LLC will not be liable for any costs relating to such arrangements, even if the Event is cancelled or moved to a new date(s).

Organiser reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel any reservation made by attendees without providing any reason for cancellation. In this case, the organiser will immediately return all the fees paid by the delegates to cancel the reservation.

The total amount specified in the Order shall include an additional service fee(the “Service Fee”), which is charged to cover regulatory and administrative costs and is exclusive of any applicable taxes that may be payable in addition. All payments must be made to the Organiser within the time specified by the Organiser, without deducting any counterclaims or set-off by attendees.

All advertised early bird and group offers require payment by the deadline specified in the application in order to qualify for the advertised special offer. Group discounts cannot be combined in conjunction with any other offers or discount codes.

Attendee reservations are transferable and non-cancellable. If you cannot attend, you must notify the organiser as soon as possible and at least 5 weeks before the event. You may also appoint a substitute of equal standing in business and financial responsibility to attend.

In the unlikely event that the organiser cancels the meeting, we will offer suitable alternative arrangements. In the event of cancellation by the exhibitor or sponsor, no refund will be allowed and the exhibitor or sponsor will continue to pay all unpaid fees.

Meta-Tech Events, LLC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. However, the attendee is subject to the terms and conditions at the time of submitting his registration.


The attendee must consider carefully about whether he will be able to participate in the activities offered as part of the visiting program. The organisers warn that some activities may require physical effort and/or carry inherent risks.

Attendees agree that it is their sole responsibility to determine whether participation in travel program activities is appropriate for the delegates’ abilities, fitness, physical condition and health. The attendee also agrees that he is solely responsible for compliance with all safety requirements and instructions that may be provided to him in connection with such activities. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the organisers and all Meta-Tech Events, LLC entities disclaim all liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or damages. As a result of the attendee’s participation in activities offered as part of the program, including but not limited to events held outdoors or ancillary to events attended by the attendees.